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“Is the UN Colonizing Africa?” asks the BBC

In a sure-to-be controversial piece, the BBC’s Africa “analyst” Martin Plaut asks: “Is the UN Re-colonizing Africa.” Unfortunately for the BBC, Mr. Plaut’s ignorance of the UN seems to be exceeded only by his lack of knowledge of Africa.

The UN, Resolution 1559, and Israel

Much has been made of UN Resolution 1559, calling for the disarming of Hezbollah. Israel has repeatedly called for its implementation, and used it to justify its actions. Unfortunately, there are some weaknesses in that argument. First, resolution 1559 is merely a guideline. It was not passed under chapter 7, which implies that it has […]

What’s Wrong with an Unpaid Internship?

Good question. I spent the better part of the last year answering that question. My IOMBA program required an internship with the UN. Yet, a novice to this field after 6 years of paid work experience, I was surprised to discover that the UN does not pay interns. Nor, for that matter do most NGOs […]

A Few Degrees of Separation

It happened again this weekend. I met someone that, by the laws of probability, I should not have. I had met her in Geneva in October last year, a day before she was leaving for Nairobi, and when I was still contemplating coming here. Our meeting had been random, at a party, and we had […]

Another UN Meeting

Jesus H. Christ!!! Yap yap yap – thats all people do! What is it about people that get together in a room that everyone thinks everyone else wants to listen to them? Sorry, I just got out of a UN meeting. I’ve been to some very engaging meetings, but it must be something about UN […]

Neutrality & Objectivity

My job, as GSB broker, has been to facilitate pro-poor investments. I try to identify sectors and industries where private enterprise can introduce services for the poor or reduce costs for them, and I try to identify companies that are interested in such BOP investments. It is an exciting job. In a country like Kenya […]

The Problem of Helping People

An interesting point was made today by the UNDP driver, on the way back from a meeting. Having worked here for a long time, and taken much of the staff around the country on missions, he knows quite a bit about development work. There is a drought in Kenya, and the UN and other agencies […]

An intern’s job search in the field.

A friend asked how my work experience at the UNDP had been, particularly with regard to getting into the connected network. Having spent approximately the last 6 months working as an intern – first at the International Trade Centre in Geneva and now the UNDP in Kenya, I have come up with my own simplified […]

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