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In India, an attempt to outsource the fight against corruption

Anna Hazare may have placed corruption front and center on the public agenda. But the proposed solution will undermine India’s political system, which is working for many, and only shift the problem elsewhere.

Is their a better dream than the American Dream?

There are at least two ways to measure a society – to what extent is it equal and to what extent is it just. America has failed on both counts. Developing countries, looking to growth must find better ways to protect their own populations from the vagaries of destiny and birth.

Catalytic Philanthropy and the Delegation of Public Responsibility

The catalytic philanthropist seems to have arrived. But is that a good thing? By putting faith in individuals is society not delegating responsibility for improving its lot to wealthy individuals rather than to the elected representatives that are usually mandated that task?

Democracy: Luxury or Necessity for Growth?

Dambisa Moyo suggests that Africa needs “benevolent dictators” to push through reforms. But that term is an oxymoron and the suggestion that democracy is a luxury for the rich is flat out wrong.

Challenging Population-Growth Environmentalists

Population-growth environmentalists assert that immigration threatens Earth’s scarce resources. Yet, a close scrutiny reveals that there is no inherent “absorptive capacity” of the earth. If they are concerned about the environment, these “environmentalists” would do better to focus on consumption, rather than on the immigrants that will pay their pensions.

The Contradiction of Kosovo and Multi-Ethnic Societies

Kosovo’s independence fundamentally weakens the case for multi-ethnic societies and for a multi-ethnic, “integrated” Europe.

The Economist on Private Sector Quotas

For over a year controversy has raged in India over government plans to extend quotas – India’s version of affirmative action for the lower castes – to the private sector. The plans raised the hackles of many, and for the first time led to questioning the real effectiveness of quotas. Now, the Economist has weighed […]

Reflections on China, Lessons for India

Over the past 2 weeks I traveled to Taiwan, Hangzhou and Shanghai. The trip was ostensibly a vacation, but I met enough people in government and business – that I knew before or ran into in random bars, airports, and planes – that I managed to achieve the real purpose of the trip: establish for […]

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