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India should refuse UK development aid

The British debate on aid to India, triggered by a rejection of the UK’s Typhoon aircraft, is very short-sighted. India should unilaterally preempt it by banning aid from Britain. You keep your aid money, we will keep our freedom to make our own decisions which we gained when you left the country in 1947.

In India, an attempt to outsource the fight against corruption

Anna Hazare may have placed corruption front and center on the public agenda. But the proposed solution will undermine India’s political system, which is working for many, and only shift the problem elsewhere.

Is their a better dream than the American Dream?

There are at least two ways to measure a society – to what extent is it equal and to what extent is it just. America has failed on both counts. Developing countries, looking to growth must find better ways to protect their own populations from the vagaries of destiny and birth.

Women’s reservation is a (unreservedly) good idea

Women’s reservation in politics finally arrived in India on Women’s Day. This bill may not be the best solution or only solution to empowering women. But let not the perfect be the enemy of the good.

There is Nothing Wrong with Climate Litigation

The WSJ argues that climate litigation is both frivolous, anti-business, and sets and a dangerous precedent leading to an anarchic world. Yet, a long history of litigation suggests that society is better for it. Despite the costs involved, the principle should simply be to let the truth prevail.

With Pakistan, Wanting Peace is Asking for War

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh decided to embrace Pakistan in Egypt, saying dialogue is the only way forward. He renders us weak for future negotiations and ignores that Pakistan does not want peace. He should remember that if you want peace, prepare for war.

For Sri Lanka Another Battle Lies Ahead

Sri Lanka has finally defeated the LTTE and declared victory. But to secure the peace it may learn from the experiences of Palestine and India. Building a unified state will require the government to make some sacrifices too.

Solving Piracy: Break the Legitimacy

The fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia has reached a new stage, with a more muscular approach being propogated by the US. Yet, any such approach ignores past experience and the real exploitation of Somali marine resources by the international community. To find long-term solutions, addressing the root socio-economic causes is critical.

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