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What kind of patent protection does India want?

The rejection of Bayer’s patent case in India is a landmark in defining the process by which patents are enforcable. It settles important questions on the limits of automatic patent protection provided by the system, providing a balance between private profit and public good.

Introducing Global Health Ideas.org

Health policy and practice continue to be key issues on the development agenda. A short introduction to Global Health Ideas – a blog that has been following changes in that agenda and now has a new home.

Swine Flu Exposes Limits of Google Trends

Google Flu Trends generated excitement on the possibilities of tracking and predicting disease outbreaks. But the swine flu outbreak illustrates key limitations of this methodology, and also areas where it could be enhanced.

Bargaining Through Compulsory Licensing: ARV Treatment in Brazil

The first study of its kind in Brazil on national drug spending illustrates how the threat of compulsory licensing can be an excellent bargaining tool to reducing patented drug costs.

How Health Aid Undermines Health Systems

The FT is carrying a full page analysis on the impact that “vertically integrated” healthcare aid programs, such as for HIV/AIDS, have on public health systems in the developing world. There are some startling statistics on just how much is being pumped into these fashionable diseases – HIV, malaria, and into vaccine research. For instance, […]

Tropical Virus Moves North as Europe Warms

BBC News reports that a “debilitating tropical virus carried by mosquitoes” is manifesting itself in the norther Italian town of Ravenna. The extent of the disease, is minor – only 160 cases thus far, and 1 death. The disease is known as chikungunya, is relatively rare, and usually found in the tropics. However, it seems to have […]

Income Inequality in Asia Growing

The ADB has just released a report titled “Key Indicators 2007: Inequality in Asia” (covered in IHT and BBC). The report concludes that the gini index, a measure of relative inequality had grown in all 15 countries studied, since the 1990s. More alarmingly, absolute inequality had grown even more. The bank identified the trend as […]

Indian Court Rejects Novartis’ Legal Challenge

The Chennai High Court has just announced its decision on the case brought by Novartis against the Indian Patent Act. The Court rejected Novartis’ challenge saying that it has no jurisdiction on the matter. The news has received near blanket coverage (covered in IHT, Forbes, as well as SciDev, MSF). Interestingly, Novartis has suggested it […]

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