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Microfinance backlash underlines contradictions of social business

The backlash against microfinance in India has exposed a fundamental contradiction of social businesses – that they are essentially businesses. Private capital may help them grow but it brings with it a strong tendency to turn social businesses from being social to being businesses.

The case against CSR is the wrong one

Aneel Karnani argues that CSR is irrelevant and ineffective. Neither is entirely true – nor a good enough reason not to demand responsible behaviour of corporations or expect good moral conduct from those that lead them.

What kind of patent protection does India want?

The rejection of Bayer’s patent case in India is a landmark in defining the process by which patents are enforcable. It settles important questions on the limits of automatic patent protection provided by the system, providing a balance between private profit and public good.

Making Pay Work: Matching Bonuses and Penalties

Investors in the stock market know they can both loose and gain money. Entrepreneurs accept the same principle when setting up companies. Why should executives be different? To make compensation work and be fair, bonuses for good performance should be matched by actual penalties for poor performance.

Selling the Wrong CSR the Wrong Way

AccountAbility’s Responsibility Competitiveness Index is rife with statistical confusion. But it also focuses on the wrong idea. True “responsibility” is not in western standards of regulations, but in demonstrating a commitment to embracing local needs and consumers.

Why Walmart is Welcome: The Agro-Retail Revolution in India

The WSJ Asia is carrying an article (Metro’s new system produces India growth, subscribers only) that outlines how Metro, amongst others, is (re)inventing the agricultural supply chain in India: Metro is the first Western retailer to tackle a fundamental problem facing Wal-mart and other retailers trying to enter India today: how to stock their huge […]

Venture Capital and Cleantech Innovation

Cleantech venture capital may have to accommodate longer innovation cycles if it is to reduce its dependence on subsidies and become financially sustainable.

The Economist on Private Sector Quotas

For over a year controversy has raged in India over government plans to extend quotas – India’s version of affirmative action for the lower castes – to the private sector. The plans raised the hackles of many, and for the first time led to questioning the real effectiveness of quotas. Now, the Economist has weighed […]

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