The Discomfort Zone (TDZ) is an online magazine that presents independent, critical, and objective analysis of the politics, policy, and practice of development and issues pertinent to the developing world. It brings together authors with different regional and local experience but a global perspective to encourage an informed debate on the rise of the developing world. TDZ hopes to further that debate by reflecting developing country perspectives. As a critical but neutral voice it will address and question the fundamentals: what is development, what are the tradeoffs, and what are the inter-linkages between development policy, economics, society, and politics?

In addition to regional expertise, authors on TDZ will generally also retain a topical focus matching their area of interest. However, the topics covered on TDZ will together be extremely broad. This diversity is essential to understand the complex nature of development. The fields of economics, politics, and society are not independent. Therefore, any discussion that wishes to present a complete picture of the rise of the developing world must bring together a community of diverse perspectives, and give contributors the freedom to analyze the interrelationships amongst them.

Authors (in alphabetical order)

  • Dweep writes broadly on development policy and governance. He works in philanthropy consulting in Europe. Previously, he worked with the UNDP developing public-private partnerships for bottom-of-the-pyramid businesses in Kenya, and has worked extensively in the telecom industry in India and the USA. He has an MBA in International Organizations from Geneva and is a technology and management professional that is fascinated by what these two can offer to development.
  • Kai writes primarily on politics in Latin America. He works in the philanthropy advisory unit of a Swiss bank and is involved in the development of customized philanthropy advisory solutions for bank clients. Previously he worked at the ILO’s International Program for the Eradication of Child Labor designing projects for Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. He was also Chief of Staff to the Minister of Labor and Junior Consultant at the Attorney General’s Office in Ecuador. Kai holds a BA in Political Science from the Universidad Católica de Guayaquil, an MA in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent, and an MBA from the University of Geneva.

TDZ welcomes guest contributions from anyone capable of bringing an additional perspective to this platform. To discuss a contribution, please contact Dweep at the email address below.


The Discomfort Zone was started by Dweep as a personal blog in October 2005. For over two years it reflected Dweep’s very different experiences while traveling and working in Kenya, Switzerland, and India. It evolved into a blog that asked difficult questions and approached issues with a healthy dose of skepticism (hence the name). However, in February 2008, it became something bigger and better than a reflection of the opinions of a single person.


All authors on this platform write in their personal capacity. Articles reflect the personal opinions of individual authors, and do not represent the views of their employers (past or present), or of other authors. Copyright and responsibility for all articles rests with the respective authors. Photographs are copyright by Dweep or taken (gratefully) from Stockvault.net.


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