Introducing Global Health

Global health policy and practice continue to be key issues on the development agenda. Since the Doha Declaration of 2001, developing countries have been extremely vocal on framing this agenda. Simultaneously, a host of innovations in the development of new drugs and the delivery of public health have transformed the public health landscape. Where health systems in the developing world were once all operated by public authorities, we now have a fragmented system funded by governments, aid agencies, MNCs, and large non-profits (most notably the Robert Woods Johnson and Gates Foundations).

To track this changing landscape, the THD (Technology, Health, and Development) Blog has reinvented itself as Global Health Ideas. Aman, the blog’s co-founder, gave this reasoning for the shift:

Because of increased attention and scope we decided it was time for a more permanent home that would also allow us to do more. We are still going to be blogging about global health solutions, innovative projects and the use of technology.

I’ve been following (disclosure: and occassionally blogging) on the THD Blog for a few years. It is an excellent resource that takes a practical perspective on health issues – looking at innovations that have the potential for real impact in developed and developing countries. If it relates to health, it likely will be discussed on this blog. And this week Aman and his co-conspirators will also be live blogging from the Global Health Council‘s annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

Head over to get your dose of health ideas.

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