KICC – The Top of Nairobi

Well, almost. Yesterday evening, after a tiring day of partying with colleagues for our ‘team building’ lunch, some friends and I headed to the KICC – the Kenyatta International Conference Centre – in Nairobi.

One of the most recognizable buildings in Nairobi’s downtown district, it is also the only building that allows tourists up to the top. For the nominal fee of Ksh. 100 (and another 100 for parking), one can get a 360 degree view of Nairobi, its surroundings, and most of the city’s landmarks.

Right next to the KICC is another downtown landmark – the Hilton Hotel. Further afield, in the opposite direction, is the Wilson airport and beyond that the Nairobi National Park. To the right, Uhuru park with its little artificial lake, and in the foreground the Kenyan Parliament, with the Kenyatta memorial, where Jomo Kenyatta’s body lies buried, to the right.

The view is impressive, but the building closes around 5pm. If you ask politely, as we did, they will let you go though. Your escort will let you hang around for a while too, and happily point out landmarks – such as the collapsed downtown building – for which he deserves a small tip.

The Kenyatta International Conference CentreThe KICC is sitting on a goldmine here. Legend has it the top floor was once a revolving restaurant. Now it is neither a restaurant, nor revolving. But with this panorama, and a beautiful sunset everyday, this could easily be at least a viewing pavilion.

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