Nyama Choma at Olepolos

The Kenyans love their goats. And they like them grilled and chopped up into little pieces. They call it Nyama Choma – grilled meat.

Sunset over Ngong HillsYesterday, I headed with some friends to a place called Olopolos (pronounced olepolo) south of Nairobi in the Ngong Hills. You won’t find this place in a tourist guide, but it is well known to locals – both for its meat and its location. On a ridge overlooking the Ngong Hills, it stradles the boundary of the central highlands and the Great Rift Valley – with the sun setting over sweeping views of the latter.

The place is run mostly by the Masaai, who rule the Rift Valley. Attesting to its popularity, it was packed with Kenyans partying or out on a date. It also had a healthy presence of hawkers selling trinkets and some interesting odds and ends – lion’s furball, herbal aphrodisiac, and masaai headgear – another good sign.

The Great Rift Valley viewed from Olopolo in the Ngong HillsIn passing, I must mention the sense of deja vu I had upon arriving. My first view was of a group of partying Kenyans, with their car open, loud music blaring, and loads of beer and meat for everyone. If the people weren’t black, I would have sworn they were Punjabis – stereotypical one’s that we in Delhi like to call puppies. Then it dawned on me – there are too many similarities between Punjabis and Kenyans. We like to live ostentatious lives, spend money, and enjoy every moment. Too bad the Kenyans will never admit it.

Olopolo - of beer, meat, and friendsThere is another place, on the same road, called Olonana Country Club. Placed higher on the ridge it has better views, but reputedly not such good meat and is frequented more by expats. To my passing glance it seemed empty. Olopolos rules the landscape here, and is worth going to for the atmosphere. Just remember to take plenty of toothpicks.

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    12 thoughts on “Nyama Choma at Olepolos”

    1. Hi, Just wanted to say i have been living with kenyans in Rongai for 3 months and this was one of their favorite hangouts-a completely kenyan experience and well worth the journey.

    2. Olepolos Country club is the place not to miss for the Nyama Choma while in Kenya. I happen to have visited the place on 1st June 2007 and it was gwan!!

    3. I have been to olepolos once, i loved every bit of activities there especially nyama choma, cold guiness etc.

      I want to come back again with a big bang to bring my colleagues at the end of september and i need to find out if you have a dancing floor,if we are allowed to dance the whole night mpaka che and if you play MUGITHI.

    4. hey all the times ave taken clients there! they just dont want to leave the place, we have to admit the nyamchom is truly salivating… keep it up

    5. Hi my pals and i wanna go to Olepolos kindly what is the cost of a full goat and roasting. what are the dos and don’t s. can we carry our own water, drinks and are there other fees thanks

    6. Olepolos is one of the best joint to be when thinking to be out of nairobi. You can choose a live goat and order it be slaughtered as you wait having your favourite beer. The hotel is localised to suit the Kenyan culture. The best thing is that there is no the noisy environment of the nairobi town.Go and see yourself the, scenic attraction of the great rift valley, as you sit eating best Nyama Choma and cold beer. Its the place to consider for a weekend outing.

    7. this is the place to be…were else can one find the true taste of nyama choma…if not at olepolos…manze u guys r the best

    8. olepolos rules the country with their NYAMCHOM…Ws their on the wknd with ma pals 4 a birtday party&felt like not leavin tho the cold on top of the NGONGHILLS Chased us at 7pm…wht a wonderful scenerio in the outskirts of NAIROBI….COMIN BCK SOON 4MORE NYAMA &TUSKER…

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